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1oz Time Tells - Chocolate Rain

Chocolate Rain

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I started mixing pigment almost 20 years ago, during my apprenticeship. With all respect deserved to those who came before me laying the original ground work in pigment and tattooing.

I strive to put the best product out on the market solely to give back to tattooing what it has given me. Over the years I tried and experimented with different powders, liquids and methods. Finally I have figured out what works best for me, my friends & co-workers and I'm ready to share my ink with the tattoo industry.

Hope you enjoy it, with respect from a member of the Black t-shirt generation.

Angelo Miller

Disclaimer: The pigments that I distribute have been used in the tattoo industry for many years without any serious side effects. As you should know as a professional tattoo artist, some people will have an allergic reaction to many different products not just tattooing pigments. Therefore it is the responsibility of the artist/studio to make the prospective clients aware of the possibility of an allergic reaction to pigments and must discourage any person who suffers from ANY type of allergic sensitivity from having tattoo work done.

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